Amobile application named Smule Sing! Karaoke brought thousands of Indonesian people who love to sing and to make music into one big family called SmuleNesians, the Indonesian SMULE Community. Amazed by so many talented SmuleNesians members, the Community decided to present those talents to the public by making a regular music concert: SN GIGS™. The concert’s objective is to show the undiscovered talents of Indonesian “common” people (e.g. lawyers, employees, entrepreneurs, housewives, etc.) to the world, and also, to develop their talents and to give them such an unforgettable experience for their lives by performing live on stage in front of an audience of thousands.

SN GIGS also has a goal to help the growth of “Indie” music industry in Indonesia, by supporting Indonesian singers and musicians who choose to produce, to promote, to sell and to distribute their song to the public independently, which totally can be done in this era of knowledge and information.

The SN GIGS concerts are held regularly, up to two or three times a year. Not only held in Indonesia’s Capital City, Jakarta, but it will be held also in other big cities in Indonesia. They are performed by many chosen SmuleNesians talented singers and musicians, also with Guest Stars’ performances. The theme is different for each event, which is shown by various music genres. In addition, it aims to enhance the country’s image and to demonstrate to the world that Indonesia is a country full of music, peace and love.

SN GIGS is a music concert produced by VIRTUAL MUSIK INDONESIA

PT Virtual Musik Indonesia (VMI) is a company that focus on the SmuleNesians business activities: music concerts, music productions, partnerships, various program activations for corporate or product (brand), and many more in the future.

In September 2015, VMI produced the 1st SN GIGS, in Jakarta. The event was performed by more than 30 talented SmuleNesians singers and musicians from all over Indonesia, also attended by more than 300 audiences, including from abroad. It was the first and the only music concert held and performed only by Smule users in Indonesia, even in the world.

In the end 2015, VMI cooperated with MOCCA band to make a singing contest in the Smule Sing! Karaoke app, namely #SingWithMOCCA. There were 200 participants entering the contest and the winner got to perform together with MOCCA on stage in the SN GIGS.

Key Executives
  • Founders: Muhammad Ilham, Gani Pranoto, Ariyanti D. Linting and Bagus Muhammad Arief.
  • Chairmen: Gani Pranoto and Muhammad Ilham
  • President Director: Ariyanti D. Linting
  • Program and Artist Director: Muhammad Ilham
  • Operational Director: Bagus Muhammad Arief