PT CAMPINA ICE CREAM INDUSTRY (Campina) is one of the biggest companies in Indonesia that generally produces a wide range of ice cream products that is headquartered in Surabaya, Indonesia. The company was founded on July 22, 1972. Campina always deliver special products from natural ingredients, hygiene and high quality.

Campina ice cream delicacy is diverse. Not only favored by families and teenagers, but captured the hearts of young customers as well. Proven partnerships between Campina with Nickelodeon that make the sole licensee of ice cream products ‘Spongebob’ and ‘Avatar’ in Southeast Asia. In addition to the above products, Campina has products that fit with each segment. For the children’s segment: Fantasy, Didi Cup, Blue Jack. Teen segment: Concerto and Tropicana. Adult segments: Bazooka, Hula-Hula. And the family segment: Family pack with various flavors and sizes. For special events, Campina has an Ice Cream Cake that will complete the festivities.

The latest innovation from Campina is to bring Luve Litee ice cream, which is the first low fat ice cream and 100% non-dairy in Indonesia. Luve Litee product became the top choice for consumers who are on a diet, life-style vegan and lactose intolerance.

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